Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The End is Near

One of my first blog posts was about why I chose Ohio Northern University to be my home for the next four years of my life. I cannot believe that time has gone by so fast. I am not typically one to get very emotional, but there is something about leaving a large piece of you behind and moving on to the next thing. I decided to close out my final blog post with things that I took away from the year as I only have about a week left of my freshman year.

Time Moves Faster Than You Think
No matter how many pictures were taken, time will only continue forward and it seems to be moving faster. Before you know it college will simply be a small piece of your life with amazing memories that will last you a lifetime. Enjoy each moment while you have it, because time truly does go by fast.

You Don’t Have To Be The Same Person You Were in High School
Wow, this could not be any truer. This can be who you associate with, the type of grades you get and even clubs or organizations you join. Many freshman come in thinking that they must be perfect and grades are everything. Although grades are very important no one expects you to have it all together all the time. College is meant to be a challenge. If you are trying your best and putting your best foot forward, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

You Are Going to Meet Amazing New People
As much as I love my friends from back home, I am so thankful that God has truly blessed me new friends that have helped make college such and enjoyable experience.

You Will Miss Your Family More Than You Realize
I have always been a very independent person, but once I got to college I realized how much my parents did for me. I miss being able to talk to my mom at any given moment and hearing my dad give me advice all the time. By going away however, I truly believe that I have grown as a person.

Your Faith Can Grow
I have always been a faith base individual, but I have not felt as strong in my faith as I do now. Most people when they go to college lose their faith and their relationship with God becomes more distant. However, if you join the right organizations and surround yourself great people anything is possible.

Overall, I have truly loved my time at Ohio Northern thus far. The people here are amazing. I firmly believe that this is where I am meant to be. I can’t wait to see what the next three years have in store. Although I am going to miss aspects about my freshman year I am excited for the next chapter to open.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Did you know that Ohio Northern has an AMAZING group of young professionals with a love for public relations? Well if not, we do! Every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. we meet in PAC 132 to hear from awesome speakers and learn about various career paths public relations can offer. We just recently elected our new executive board members for the 2017-18 academic year. Here are the newly elected positions and their duties. Feel free to reach out to any of these members if you wish to learn more about our awesome organization.

President (Shannon Jack): Preside at all membership and executive board meetings and advise all members of Chapter activities; Delegate responsibilities of officers and committees; Direct overall operations of the Chapter Recommend and establish goals and objectives for the Chapter with the approval of the membership and faculty and professional advisors; Coordinate the functions of all officers, recommend and direct the execution of policies and procedures, together with the specific programs in the interests of the Chapter and with the approval of the membership and advisors; Notify PRSSA Headquarters and sponsoring PRSA Chapter of changes in Chapter officers or advisors; Coordinate executive member change over; Represent the Chapter at conference and meetings at the National, District and local level when necessary; Notify members about National and District awards, scholarships and competitions

Vice President (Devan Bianco): Perform all duties of the Chapter if the president is absent or unable to perform duties; Appoint committees, and coordinate the functions of the committee activities; Make arrangements for speakers and/or presentations to be made to the Chapter, assist in Chapter operation and perform such duties as may be delegated by the president; Advise the president on matter of policy and procedure and recommend to the president goals, objectives, plans and programs for the benefit of the Chapter; Coordinate and disseminate information about PRSA Associate Membership for graduating PRSSA members

Secretary (Tori Middlebrooks): Prepare agendas with the help of the president, record minutes of all executive board and general membership meetings, handle the appropriate distribution of these minutes; Maintain a record of Chapter members, including the permanent home address and in-school address of each; Post announcements of Chapter meetings throughout campus; Direct orders for posters, PRSSA stationery, and other printed material available to the Chapter; Serve as custodian of the Chapter's charter and other permanent documents, including the Chapter Handbook; Help promote new membership with slide/tape presentations, brochures, fliers and other appropriate aids; Updating the bulletin board

Fundraising (Ashley Dentinger): Organizing and advertising for fundraisers. Plans the PR Alumni Dinner with  Dr. Aggie. Assists with any treasurer duties (usually just the excel document of member information for National dues). Maintenance of the on campus bank account. Handles any student senate budget appropriations applications or appeals. 

Firm Director (McKenzie Wilson): Report to the executive committee and the Chapter all functions of the firm; Relay PRSSA, ONU Chapter goals to firm and perform such duties as may be delegated by the president; Provide annually True North PR's constitution and yearly goals for revision and approval of the Chapter membership and national recertification

Firm Assistant (Patrick Riley): Assists the Firm Director with various projects throughout the year

Prestige Editor (Michaela Long): Produce the Chapter newsletter on a biannual basis, coordinate press releases, feature articles, advertising and brochures relating to the Chapter including all campus and area press issues

Social Media Director (Sierra Prince): In charge of messaging and maintenance of our blog, website, Twitter and Facebook.

COPRSA Liaison (Cort Everhart): Correspond and maintain a close working relationship among COPRSA members.

The executive board is dedicated to motivating the Chapter to reach its greatest potential. We would love to have you as a member. Feel free to ask any questions or comment your thoughts below. Here are our social channels; we would love for you to connect and follow us!

Twitter: @ONU_PRSSA
Facebook: ONU PRSSA

Monday, April 24, 2017

Be a Good Neighbor

Most organizations focus most of their public relations efforts on groups they consider to be their key publics. This could be their customers, financial analysts and even the media in some instances. Realizing that there are other key publics that you need permission and approval from is also very important. Many consumers, employees and other stakeholders simply expect any organization they do business with to have some sort of corporate social responsibility (CSR) or local community outreach program, however that is not the case in modern day society.

Maintaining an ongoing assessment of your relationships with your publics is key to a successful company. You should know where you stand and what works and what doesn’t work. Many organizations think that saying the right things and controlling their messages they can preserve their image as a good place to work or as a good neighbor. However, we all know it is isn’t that easy.

With good research, any organization can assess exactly where its relationships are weakest and then use two-way communications to improve them. Do you know of any companies or organizations that aren’t “good neighbors” and need to re-evaluate their current relationship with the community and their stakeholders? Feel free to share them below!